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Flexor reflex excitability in mice lacking galanin receptor galanin-R1.

This study was conducted to examine the excitability of the nociceptive flexor reflex and its sensitization by repetitive stimulation of C-fibers in anesthetized mice that lack the galanin-R1 receptor. Repetitive stimulation of C-fibers induced a gradual increase in reflex magnitude during the stimulation (wind-up), and a subsequent increase in spinal reflex excitability (central sensitization). This occurred in GAL-R1 -/-, GAL-R1 +/-, and +/+ wild-type controls, with no significant differences observed between genotypes. Intrathecal administration of galanin markedly blocked the sensitization following the repetitive stimulation in all three groups. No differences between wild-type or galanin-R1 receptor knockout mice were seen. These results confirm previous studies in rats, showing that intrathecal galanin reduces the central sensitization following wind-up. The present data indicate that this effect is probably mediated by receptors other than GAL-R1.[1]


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