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Gene Review

Gal  -  galanin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Galanin peptides, Galn
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Disease relevance of Gal


Psychiatry related information on Gal

  • The growing body of rodent literature implicating excess GAL in cognitive impairment is relevant to the overexpression of GAL in the basal forebrain during the progression of Alzheimer's disease [5].
  • GAL transgenic (GAL-tg) mice overexpressing endogenous GAL show deficits on the probe trial of the Morris water maze spatial learning task, on the social transmission of food preference olfactory memory task, and on the trace cued fear conditioning emotional learning and memory task [5].
  • The neuropeptide galanin and its receptors are expressed in the locus coeruleus (LC), a brain area associated with drug dependence and withdrawal [6].
  • These data support the hypothesis that galanin may have a role in functions related to mood states including affective disorders [7].
  • In the activity cage test, galanin overexpression counteracted the age-induced decrease in exploratory behavior [8].

High impact information on Gal

  • Galanin is widely distributed in enteric nerve terminals lining the gastrointestinal tract [9].
  • The hypothalamus plays a central role in the integrated regulation of energy homeostasis and body weight, and a number of hypothalamic neuropeptides, such as neuropeptide Y (ref. 1), galanin, CRH (ref. 3) and GLP-1 (ref. 4), have been implicated in the mediation of these effects [10].
  • To overcome HAR, we developed an enzymatic carbohydrate remodelling strategy designed to replace expression of the Gal alpha-1,3-Gal xenoepitope on the surface of porcine cells with the non-antigenic universal donor human blood group O antigen, the alpha-1,2-fucosyl lactosamine moiety (H-epitope) [11].
  • The mechanisms whereby hormones and neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, galanin and somatostatin, which are released by intraislet nerve endings and the pancreatic D cells, produce inhibition of insulin secretion are not clear [12].
  • Although some disaccharide GSL antigens can be recognized without processing, the responses to three other antigens, including the disaccharide GSL Gal(alpha1-->2)GalCer (Gal, galactose; GalCer, galactosylceramide), required removal of the terminal sugars to permit interaction with the T cell receptor [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gal


Biological context of Gal


Anatomical context of Gal


Associations of Gal with chemical compounds

  • Similarly, exposure to glutamate or staurosporine induced significantly more neuronal cell death in galanin knockout organotypic and dispersed primary hippocampal cultures than in WT controls [1].
  • Kainate-induced hippocampal cell death was greater in both the CA1 and CA3 regions of galanin knockout animals than in WT controls [1].
  • Neurokinin A and galanin in the thyroid gland: neuronal localization [23].
  • Galanin, substance P and dynorphin were also co-localized with serotonin in a few axons of the deep dorsal horn and in the gray matter around the central canal [24].
  • Moreover, hypoxia-induced increases in TH and GAL mRNA levels in the LC were not observed in nicotine-treated pups [4].

Physical interactions of Gal


Co-localisations of Gal


Regulatory relationships of Gal


Other interactions of Gal

  • Adult GalR2-MUT animals also have a one third reduction in neurite outgrowth from cultured DRG neurons that cannot be rescued by either galanin or a high-affinity GalR2/3 agonist [22].
  • Estradiol induces galanin gene expression in the pituitary of the mouse in an estrogen receptor alpha-dependent manner [19].
  • Previously, we demonstrated that GALR1 mRNA expression was increased in the CA1 region of the hippocampus and discrete hypothalamic nuclei in galanin transgenic (GAL-tg) mice [33].
  • Somatostatin antibody injected i.v. increased acid secretion by 3.5-fold over basal levels but did not modify the antisecretory effects of galanin [28].
  • Urethane-anesthetized SSTR2 knockout mice had a basal secretion 14-fold higher than wild-type animals, that was inhibited by galanin (10 and 20 microg/kg/h) by 49 and 31% respectively [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gal


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