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Organization of a health-system pharmacy team to respond to episodes of terrorism.

The role of a pharmacy emergency response team (PERT) trained to respond to episodes of terrorism involving chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents is described. Pharmacists must be prepared to support their health systems in responding to episodes of terrorism by detecting exposure to CBRN agents and mitigating, treating, and preventing casualties resulting from exposure to those agents. Maimonides Medical Center, whose pharmacists responded to the medical and pharmaceutical needs of victims of the World Trade Center attacks and anthrax exposures, has developed the PERT, modeled after the Health Emergency Incident Command System, to standardize the response of their pharmacists in the event of such an attack. Each team member has a specific role and can assume any other team member's role, if needed. Key players in the PERT include the pharmacy administrator, drug information pharmacist, intensive care unit pharmacist, infectious diseases pharmacist, nuclear pharmacist, management-information-system pharmacist, hazardous materials pharmacist, and auxiliary-site pharmacist. The most important features of this disaster response model include activating the PERT to establish command and control in the pharmacy department, conducting a disaster-needs analysis, deploying PERT members in support of the medical center during a public health emergency involving CBRN agents while maintaining normal operations in the pharmacy, and maintaining, mobilizing, distributing, and receiving a pharmaceutical stockpile while ensuring that timely antidotes are available and used appropriately when distributed. The PERT allows for a comprehensive pharmacy response within a health system to episodes of terrorism involving CBRN agents.[1]


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