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Multiple resistance phenotypes to Lettuce mosaic virus among Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.

With the aim to characterize plant and viral factors involved in the molecular interactions between plants and potyviruses, a Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV)-Arabidopsis thaliana pathosystem was developed. Screening of Arabidopsis accessions with LMV isolates indicated the existence of a large variability in the outcome of the interaction, allowing the classification of Arabidopsis accessions into seven susceptibility groups. Using a reverse genetic approach, the genome-linked protein of LMV, a multifunctional protein shown to be involved in viral genome amplification and movement of potyviruses, was established as the viral determinant responsible for the ability to overcome the resistance of the Niederzenz accession to LMV-0. Preliminary genetic analyses from F2 and recombinant inbred lines available between susceptible and resistant Arabidopsis accessions revealed the existence of at least three resistance phenotypes to LMV with different genetic bases. One dominant resistance gene, designated LLM1, involved in blocking the replication or cell-to-cell movement of the LMV-0 isolate in the Columbia accession, was mapped to chromosome I and shown to be linked to the marker nga280. At the same time, genetic analyses of segregating F2 populations were consistent with the restriction of the systemic movement of the LMV-AF199 isolate in Columbia being controlled by two dominant genes and with the complete resistance to all tested LMV isolates of the Cape Verde islands (Cvi) accession being conferred by a single recessive resistance gene. Sequencing of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E genes from the different LMV-resistant Arabidopsis accessions showed that these factors are not directly involved in the characterized resistance phenotypes.[1]


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