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Standardization of factor VII/activated factor VII measurement in plasma of patients treated with recombinant factor activated VII.

To improve the standardization of the factor VII clotting activity (FVII:C) assay in patients treated with recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa), we conducted a multicentre study on plasma samples from four patients with haemophilia A, before and at various times after injection of a single dose of rFVIIa. FVII:C and prothrombin time were measured with the methods and reagents routinely used in each laboratory. Strong inter-laboratory variability of FVII:C values was found. The main source of variability was the type of thromboplastin. FVII:C values measured using rabbit thromboplastin were very close to activated factor VII clotting activity values (FVIIa:C) measured with a commercial assay (Staclot VIIa-TF). FVII:C values obtained with human placental thromboplastin were about three times lower than those obtained with rabbit and recombinant thromboplastins, and with the FVIIa:C assay. There was a good relationship between FVIIa:C and activated factor VII antigen values measured using a commercial immunoassay (Imubind FVIIa ELISA). In conclusion, rFVIIa at pharmacological concentrations can be easily monitored on the basis of FVII:C, using rabbit and probably also recombinant thromboplastin; equivalent results are obtained with a specific activated factor VII bioassay.[1]


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