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Neurotrophin receptor immunostaining in the vestibular nuclei of rats.

The distribution of high-affinity neurotrophin receptors in cells of the vestibular nuclear complex and its subnuclei of adult rats was examined. We noted a high density of tyrosine kinase (Trk) A- and B- and a lower density of TrkC-immunostained cells. In particular, long, intensely labelled immunostained-TrkB fibres formed networks in the neuropil. Both TrkA- and TrkB-immunostained cells were widely distributed in the lateral, medial and spinal vestibular nuclei, and were less frequently seen in the superior vestibular nucleus, x and y subnuclei. However, immunostaining for TrkC was weak in many cells within the vestibular nuclei. The widespread and abundant neuronal distribution of Trk receptors predicts that their associated neurotrophins exert significant effects on individual cells within the vestibular nuclei.[1]


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