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Insoluble human plasma protein immunoadsorbents. Large-scale production and storage.

Methods for producing and preserving large volumes of insoluble immunoadsorbents (for removing unwated antibodies to serum proteins) from surplus blood bank plasma by glutaraldehyde were evaluated by quantitative and qualitative means using radioactive 125I and immunoelectrophoresis, respectively. Some of the factors affecting the desired physical characteristics and antibody-absorbing properties of the imjunoadsorbent studied were: plasma acidification, varying concentrations of glutaraldehyde, addition of small amounts of formalin, storage under varying conditions of temperature, and exposure to preservatives in the wet and lyophilized state for periods up to 2.5 years. The best preservation of antibody-adsorbing properties (under storage conditions) was obtained in the washed state at 4 degrees C, but good preservation was also obtained at room temperature in the presence 10% formalin and in the unwashed state at room temperature in the presence of unreacted glutaraldehyde. Lyophilization destroyed about 70% of an adsorbent's activity.[1]


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