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Differential effects of phencyclidine application on secretogranin II expression in organotypic slices of rat prefrontal cortex.

Phencyclidine ( PCP) is a non-competitive NMDA glutamate receptor antagonist that induces psychotomimetic effects in humans and experimental animals. Chronic PCP exposure elicits signs of persistently altered frontal brain activity and related behaviors which are also seen in patients with schizophrenia. Secretogranin II (sg II) belongs to the chromogranin family of proteins that exist in large dense core vesicles in nervous tissue. In the brain, 90% of sg II is processed to the small peptide secretoneurin. We previously detected differential effects of single-dose and subchronic PCP administration on sg II expression in the rat prefrontal cortex (PFC). In the present study, we applied PCP to organotypic PFC slices. PCP application for 28 h induced decreased tissue and culture medium secretoneurin content. In contrast, incubation with the adenylate cyclase activator forskolin caused significantly increased secretoneurin levels after 8 h. PCP for 4 h followed by 24 h without PCP resulted in increased culture medium secretoneurin content but no change in tissue levels. sg II mRNA expression was decreased after 28 h PCP application in cortical neurons. Immunohistochemical and TUNEL staining profiles indicated that the alterations were not due to neurodegeneration. PCP for 5 days changed neither the secretoneurin tissue or culture medium levels, nor the sg II mRNA expression. These results demonstrate that PCP modulates sg II expression in PFC tissue in the absence of afferent inputs and that the nature of these changes is dependent upon the duration of exposure to and/or withdrawal from PCP.[1]


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