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Regulation of the G2-mitosis transition.

The cell cycle is regulated by pathways composed of a dependent series of steps, by timers, and by checkpoint controls which ensure the completion of one event before the initiation of another. This review focuses on the regulation of the initiation of mitosis, with particular emphasis on the regulation of p34cdc2 activity at this point in the cell cycle. The review draws on data from various organisms, but strongly emphasizes the genetic framework as seen in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and the biology and biochemistry of maturation promoting factor in frog oocytes. An attempt is made to include all known genes and proteins where a link can be made to the initiation event. The nutritional size control and its major known controlling elements, the wee1/mik1 protein kinases, and cdc25 protein tyrosine phosphatase are considered in detail along with their regulation. In addition, the checkpoint control pathways which mediate G2 delay in response to failure of DNA replication or DNA damage are examined.[1]


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