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Gene Review

mik1  -  mitotic inhibitor kinase Mik1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Biological context of mik1

  • Here we focus on the evidence from yeast genetics that the wee1 and mik1 tyrosine kinases cooperate in the inhibitory phosphorylation of cdc2p, and the possibility that these kinases function in pathways that ensure the integrity of the genome prior to cell division [5].
  • Because of the functional conservation of cell cycle control elements, the expression of a vertebrate wee1 or mik1 homolog would be expected to rescue such lethal mutations in yeast [4].
  • Finally, we discuss the genes involved in these feedback controls and suggest that wee1p and mik1p might be the ultimate effectors that prevent mitosis when a checkpoint is triggered [5].


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