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A2A adenosine receptors from rat striatum and rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells: characterization with radioligand binding and by activation of adenylate cyclase.

Binding assays and assays of activation of adenylate cyclase with the agonists 5'-N-ethylcarboxyamidoadenosine (NECA) and CGS21680 have been used to compare adenosine receptors in rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells and in rat striatum. The [3H]NECA binding showed two components, whereas [3H]CGS21680 bound to one component in both tissues. The Kd value for the high affinity site labeled with [3H]NECA in PC12 cell membranes (2.3 nM) was lower than that in striatum (6.5 nM). The [3H]CGS21680 binding site showed a Kd value of 6.7 nM and 11.3 nM in PC12 cells and striatum, respectively. In the presence of GTP the KD values of [3H]NECA and [3H]CGS21680 for the high affinity site were increased severalfold, whereas the low affinity sites for [3H]NECA were no longer detected with filtration assays. A comparison of the ability of a series of agonists and antagonists to inhibit high affinity binding of [3H]NECA to A2 receptors in PC12 cell and striatal membranes indicated that agonists had higher affinities and antagonists had lower affinities in PC12 cells, compared with affinities in striatal membranes. Analysis of activation of adenylate cyclase in PC12 cell membranes suggested that the dose-dependent stimulation by NECA involved two components, whereas CGS21680 stimulated via one component. The maximal stimulation by NECA significantly exceeded that caused by CGS21680. In intact PC12 cells, NECA caused a greater accumulation of AMP than did CGS21680, as was the case in membranes. In striatal membranes, NECA and CGS21680 showed similar maximal stimulations of adenylate cyclase. Both NECA and CGS21680 were more potent in PC12 cell membranes than in striatal membranes, in agreement with binding data. However, in contrast to binding data, antagonists were not less potent versus stimulation of adenylate cyclase by NECA or CGS21680 in PC12 cell membranes, compared with striatal membranes. In toto, the results suggest that A2A receptors in striatum are virtually identical to the A2A receptors in PC12 cells. But, in addition to an A2A receptor, it appears that a lower affinity functional receptor, probably an A2B receptor, is present in PC12 cells and PC12 cell membranes, whereas such a functional low affinity receptor is not detectable in striatal membrane.[1]


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