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Role of protein kinase C and transcription factor AP-1 in the acid- induced increase in Na/H antiporter activity.

Chronic incubation of cultured renal tubular epithelial cells in acid medium causes an increase in Na/H antiporter activity that persists after removal from acid, is dependent on protein synthesis, and is associated with an increase in Na/H antiporter mRNA. Chronic activation of protein kinase C has similar effects in these cells. The present studies examined the role of protein kinase C in the effect of acid incubation. Incubation of MCT cells in acid for 24 h caused a 50% increase in Na/H antiporter activity. This was prevented by inhibition of protein kinase C, either with sphingosine or by protein kinase C downregulation. Pertussis toxin pretreatment did not prevent the increase in antiporter activity. Acid incubation caused an increase in transcription factor AP-1 activity, as shown by an increase in expression from a reporter gene containing six tandem AP-1 binding sites. This was associated with transient increases in c-fos and c-jun mRNAs. This response is typical of that for gene activation by protein kinase C. These studies demonstrate that acid activation of the Na/H antiporter requires protein kinase C and is associated with c-fos and c-jun expression and increased AP-1 activity.[1]


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