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Transforming growth factor-beta 1 inhibits aldosterone and stimulates adrenal renin in cultured bovine zona glomerulosa cells.

Transforming growth factors-beta (TFG beta s) are multifunctional peptides that affect proliferation, differentiation, and many other functions in a variety of cell types. In this study we examined the effect of TGF beta 1 on aldosterone and adrenal renin production using cultured bovine adrenal zona glomerulosa cells. Collagenase-dispersed zona glomerulosa cells were incubated in PFMR-4 medium containing 10% fetal calf serum for 72 h, and the medium was replaced with serum-free medium for the next 24 h. The cells during this 24-h period were exposed to TGF beta 1, ACTH, and (Bu)2cAMP (dbcAMP). It was observed that TGF beta 1 at 1 nM 1) inhibited basal aldosterone secretion from 680.0 +/- 40.0 to 270.0 +/- 10.0 pg/10(6) cells.h, 2) inhibited ACTH- and dbcAMP-stimulated aldosterone production, 3) increased levels of active renin in the cells from 17.8 +/- 2.5 to 70.7 +/- 4.4 pg angiotensin-I/10(6) cells.h and prorenin from 270.0 +/- 5.0 to 970.0 +/- 90 pg angiotensin-I/10(6) cells.h, 4) stimulated prorenin in the medium synergistically in combination with ACTH and dbcAMP, and 5) had no significant effect on basal cAMP production, but significantly inhibited the ACTH-stimulated production of cAMP. These observations show that TGF beta 1 is a potent inhibitor of basal and ACTH- and cAMP-stimulated aldosterone production and inhibits ACTH-stimulated cAMP production. Contrary to its effect on aldosterone, TGF beta 1 stimulates the synthesis and release of adrenal renin and prorenin. TGF beta 1 may act as an autocrine or paracrine regulator of aldosterone production.[1]


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