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Single film retrograde umbilical aortography in the diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart syndrome with aortic atresia.

Single film retrograde umbilical aortography was used successfully in confirming the diagnosis of hypoplastic left heart in three neonates. The method involves injecting Renografin 75% (1.25 cc/kg body weight) into the umbilical artery catheter according to the following sequence. First, the tip of the catheter is positioned at the level of the ductus arteriosus. The infant heart beats are then counted from one to three. The contrast media injection is begun manually on the count of one and an anterior-posterior chest film is taken on the count of three. Thus the film is taken one diastolic period after completion of the injection. The proper timing of the contrast media injection and filming is essential for obtaining a diagnostic film. This procedure was diagnostic in the three infants studied and eliminated the need of transferring two sick infants from affiliated hospitals.[1]


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