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Hox-3.6: isolation and characterization of a new murine homeobox gene located in the 5' region of the Hox-3 cluster.

Most members of the murine Hox gene system can be grouped into two subclasses based on their structural similarity to either one of the Drosophila homeotic genes Antennapedia (Antp) or Abdominal B (AbdB). All the AbdB-like genes reported thus far are located in the 5' region of their respective cluster. We describe here the isolation, structural characterization and spatio-temporal expression pattern of a new AbdB-like homeobox gene designated Hox-3.6 that is located in the 5' region of the Hox-3 cluster. Hox-3.6 has an extreme posterior expression domain in embryos of 12.5 days of gestation, a feature that has thus far only been observed for the 5' most genes of the Hox-4 cluster. Like the other members of the AbdB subfamily, Hox-3.6 exhibits spatially restricted expression in the hindlimb bud, but the expression domain is antero-proximal in contrast to the postero-distal domain reported for its cognate gene Hox-4. 5. Structural analysis of the 5' region revealed the presence of a 35 bp sequence which shares homology and relative 5' position with an upstream sequence present in its two nearest downstream neighbors, Hox-3.2 and -3.1.[1]


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