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Gene Review

Hoxc  -  homeobox C cluster

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Hox-3, Hox-6
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Disease relevance of Hoxc


High impact information on Hoxc


Biological context of Hoxc


Anatomical context of Hoxc

  • Hoxc family transcription factors are expressed in different domains along the rostrocaudal (RC) axis of the developing spinal cord and they define RC identities of spinal neurons [12].
  • Our previous study using an in vitro assay system demonstrated that Fgf and Gdf11 signals located around Hensen's node of chick embryos have the ability to induce profiled Hoxc protein expression [12].
  • These data suggest a specific role for the AbdB-related Hoxc genes in patterning the hindlimb and pelvic girdle, which is separate from a second role relevant for both hind- and forelimb development [13].
  • The anterior boundaries of Hox-3.5 expression in the hindbrain and prevertebral column lie anterior to those of Hox-3.4 and all other, more 5'-located Hox-3 genes [14].

Other interactions of Hoxc

  • The murine homeobox-containing gene Hox-3.2 is the most 5' member of the Hox-3 complex on chromosome 15 isolated to date [15].
  • Hox-3.6: isolation and characterization of a new murine homeobox gene located in the 5' region of the Hox-3 cluster [16].
  • As a prerequisite for studying the role of the AbdB-related Hoxc genes during limb development, we have isolated and mapped the three predicted AbdB-related Hoxc-11, -12, and -13 loci, thus defining the 5' end of the Hoxc cluster [13].


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