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A peptide corresponding to GPIIb alpha 300-312, a presumptive fibrinogen gamma-chain binding site on the platelet integrin GPIIb/IIIa, inhibits the adhesion of platelets to at least four adhesive ligands.

The platelet fibrinogen (Fg) receptor (GPIIb/IIIa) is an integrin which plays a critical role in hemostasis by recognizing at least the four adhesive ligands: Fg, fibronectin (Fn), vitronectin (Vn), and von Willebrand factor (vWf). We reported that residues 309-312 of GPIIb alpha appear to comprise at least part of a Fg binding site on the Fg receptor (Gartner, T. K., and Taylor, D. B. (1990) Thromb. Res. 60, 291-309). Here we report that the peptide GPIIb alpha 300-312 (G13) inhibits platelet aggregation and binds Fg and Vn. Significantly, this peptide inhibits the adhesion of stimulated platelets to Fg, Fn, Vn, and vWf, but not the adhesion of resting platelets to Fn. Thus, GPIIb 300-312 may constitute a specific but common recognition site on GPIIb/IIIa for both LGGAKQAGDV- and RGD-containing ligands.[1]


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