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Role of vitronectin in embryonic rat endocardial cell migration in vitro.

Vitronectin is one of the extracellular matrices that mediate cell spreading and attachment in vitro. In the present paper, we demonstrate the involvement of vitronectin in the migration of cushion mesenchymal cells of the embryonic rat heart. Immunohistochemistry established the localization of vitronectin in the myocardial cells and in some of the cushion mesenchymal cells of the truncus arteriosus and atrioventricular canal. In vitro, vitronectin, fibronectin, and collagen type-I revealed significant stimulating activity for cushion mesenchymal cell migration. The distance migrated by cushion mesenchymal cells cultured on vitronectin, collagen type-I, or both vitronectin and fibronectin was similar, but that on fibronectin was significantly shorter. Following the addition of anti-vitronectin IgG to the medium, the migration distance of cushion mesenchymal cells on fibronectin was remarkably increased. Most explants on vitronectin or on both vitronectin and fibronectin became detached from dishes after the addition of the antivitronectin antibody. Immunostaining revealed that cushion mesenchymal cells cultured on substrata other than vitronectin synthesized vitronectin. From these results, it is suggested that vitronectin is synthesized by myocardial cells and some cushion mesenchymal cells, and that vitronectin inhibits cell movement on fibronectin. This feature of vitronectin may be important in the regulation of the migration of cushion mesenchymal cell in vivo.[1]


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