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Atrial natriuretic peptide and the baroreflex control of circulation.

An emerging role for atrial natriuretic peptide ( ANP) as a modulator of baroreflex function is suggested by a number of experimental observations. In several animal species and in humans, ANP appears to reset the baroreflex control of heart rate in a way that favors bradycardia and opposes cardioacceleration. In addition, ANP interferes with the reflexes originating from cardiopulmonary receptors in the control of vascular tone. The modulation of baroreflexes by ANP seems to be related, at least in part, to the interaction of the atrial peptide with the effects of angiotensin II. This influence of ANP on the baroreflex control of circulation may be important in short-term cardiovascular adaptations, and may have particular relevance to conditions characterized by volume overload and impaired baroreflex function, such as certain forms of hypertension and congestive heart failure.[1]


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