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Bactericidal properties of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, alone and in combination, and chlorine and formaldehyde against bacterial water strains.

The bactericidal properties of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and formaldehyde were compared in vitro using a rapid micromethod. A combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide was also tested to assess interactions. The activities of these agents, which are widely used as disinfectants, were evaluated against water isolates and culture collection strains. Peracetic acid and chlorine exhibited an excellent antimicrobial activity, with a relatively rapid destruction of 10(5) bacteria/mL. The time-dependent bactericidal activities of hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde were the lowest. The combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, tested by a checkerboard micromethod, was found to be synergistic. The minimal bactericidal concentration was established in terms of time for a given mixture of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Determination of bactericidal concentrations showed that synergy was maintained with increasing contact time. Concentrations for minimal times of treatment by chemicals that provided interesting activities in vitro were tested for disinfection of ultrafiltration membranes. The bactericidal activities of peroxygen compounds were confirmed and synergism was maintained in working conditions. Chlorine showed a loss of efficacy when used on membranes.[1]


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