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Regulation of nuclear envelope precursor functions during cell division.

Previously, we have shown that nuclear envelope assembly in cell-free extracts of Xenopus eggs requires two distinct vesicle-containing fractions, called Nuclear Envelope Precursor Fractions A and B (NEP-A and NEP-B). These fractions are characterized further in this paper and the manner in which they are regulated during metaphase is examined. Antisera against the NEP-B fraction recognized several proteins common to NEP-B and Xenopus oocyte or liver nuclei, but not to NEP-A or cytosol. A known glycoprotein component of the nuclear pore complex, p62, also co-fractionated with NEP-B, whereas the Xenopus egg lamin LIII did not. Together, these results provide further evidence that the NEP-B fraction contains precursors of the nuclear envelope. The regulation of NEP-A and -B function during metaphase, when the nuclear envelope is disassembled, was examined by treating each fraction with metaphase cytosol or purified protein kinase preparations isolated from metaphase-arrested eggs. Treatment of NEP-B with metaphase cytosol, under conditions where proteins are irreversibly phosphorylated, inhibited the subsequent assembly of the nuclear envelope by preventing the binding of NEP-B to chromatin. In contrast, similar treatment of NEP-A did not affect its ability to form nuclear envelopes. The changes in NEP-B during metaphase did not appear to be regulated directly by either p34cdc2/ cyclin B, S6 kinase II or MAP kinase.[1]


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