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The v-ski oncogene cooperates with the v-sea oncogene in erythroid transformation by blocking erythroid differentiation.

The avian retrovirus oncogene v-ski was analysed for its ability to alter the differentiation program of erythroid cells and to cooperate with tyrosine kinase oncogenes in leukemogenesis. For this, a retrovirus combining v-ski with a temperature-sensitive version of the v-sea oncogene was constructed. In transformed erythroblasts, v-ski disturbed the concerted expression of several erythrocyte genes, leading to an abnormal erythroblast phenotype. Expression levels of hemoglobin and erythrocyte anion transporter (band 3) were elevated, while expression of the erythroid-specific histone H5 was strongly suppressed. v-ski could also be shown to repress or severely retard the temperature- induced erythroid differentiation of v-ski/ts-v-sea-transformed cells. The undifferentiated cells had an abnormal erythroblast or early reticulocyte phenotype characterized by unusually low levels of histone H5. In chicks, the v-ski/ts-v-sea virus displayed enhanced leukemogenicity compared with viruses containing just the single oncogenes. Thus, v-ski cooperates with tyrosine kinase oncogenes in a similar fashion to the v-erbA oncogene, however the pattern of genes affected by these two oncogenes is different.[1]


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