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Quantitation of comparative thrombogenicity of dog, pig, and human platelets in a hemodialyzer.

Comparative platelet thrombogenicity was quantified with In111 labeled platelets. The platelets collected from the blood of Beagle dogs, Yorkshire pigs, and human volunteers were labeled with detergent free In111 tropolone, and sham hemodialysis (SHD) was performed with a hollow fiber dialyzer in a flow loop at 37 degrees C, with flow rates of 7, 150, and 270 ml/min. After SHD, hemodialyzer radioactivity was measured with an ionization chamber, gamma counter, and it was imaged with a gamma camera. The mean values of hemodialyzer-adherent platelet radioactivity were calculated. Canine platelets are more thrombogenic than porcine and human platelets. Quantitation of comparative thrombogenicity with In111 platelets may provide an estimation of prosthesis induced thrombogenicity of human platelets from animal studies.[1]


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