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Ring chromosome 22 and neurofibromatosis.

Variable constitutional mosaicism, mos45,XY,-22/46,XY,-22,+mar/46,XY,-22,+r(22)/47,XY,-22,+r(22)+mar/ 47, XY,-22,+r(22)*2, was found in PHA-stimulated peripheral blood, in a lymphoblastoid cell line and in cultured skin fibroblasts from a mentally retarded patient with neurofibromatosis. Both the ring chromosome and the small extra marker chromosome stained positively by in situ hybridization with a chromosome 14/22-specific alphoid repeat probe. DNA dosage analysis showed constitutional loss of one copy of the arylsulfatase A gene (ARSA), consistent with its terminal location on 22q. There was no evidence of constitutional loss of D22S1 or D22S28 which flank the neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) locus. Analysis of two DNA samples from a skin neurofibroma indicated retainment of two copies of D22S1, whereas the results were ambiguous with respect to tumor-specific loss of one copy of D22S28. It is suggested that the development of neurofibromatosis of unclear type in two r(22) carriers might be associated with somatic mutation of the NF2 locus due to instability of the ring chromosome(s), and in analogy, that somatic mutation of either NF1 or NF2 may account for some cases of neurofibromatosis which do not meet the criteria of either NF1 or NF2. The occurrence of seminoma in the proband may be fortuitous, but could also be due to the presence of a seminoma-associated locus on chromosome 22.[1]


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