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Kinin metabolism in the perfused ventilated rat lung. II: Influence of ventilation, perfusion, and perfusate composition variation on bradykinin metabolism in uninjured lung.

Bradykinin metabolism by peptidases of the pulmonary endothelium has been investigated in the previously uninjured, ventilated, and asanguinously perfused rat lung. The influence of short-duration (up to 20 min) abnormal ventilation and perfusion conditions on bradykinin metabolism was assessed. Neither variation of the oxygen concentration (0 to 45%) nor omission of carbon dioxide in the ventilatory gas altered bradykinin metabolism significantly. Tidal volume variation did not alter bradykinin metabolism, and exclusion of one lung from the perfusion circuit reduced the capacity to degrade bradykinin proportionately. Acidification of the perfusion medium to pH 5 did not alter bradykinin metabolism. Acetylsalicylic acid in the perfusate protected the lung from an otherwise irreversible pressure increase associated with high-dose bradykinin perfusion. Endotoxin and hydrogen peroxide in the perfusate did not alter bradykinin metabolism. However, ammonia in the ventilatory gas caused immediate pulmonary edema, diminished lung capacity to metabolize bradykinin and altered the pattern of bradykinin metabolic products. The pulmonary endothelium itself, in the absence of blood, maintains its capacity to metabolize bradykinin under an extraordinary range of conditions.[1]


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