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Short- and long-term efficacy of total parathyroidectomy with immediate autografting compared with subtotal parathyroidectomy in hemodialysis patients.

A retrospective study was performed in chronic hemodialysis patients comparing total parathyroidectomy (PTX) followed by immediate autografting (IA) (total PTX+IA) with subtotal parathyroidectomy (subtotal PTX). One hundred six patients with severe, uncontrolled hyperparathyroidism were referred to this center and underwent surgery during the period from 1980 to 1990. Long-term follow-up after PTX was available in 49 of them: 28 patients had total PTX+IA and 21 had subtotal PTX. The two surgical methods were evaluated with respect to preoperative severity of hyperparathyroidism, immediate postoperative results, and long-term parathyroid status, as evaluated by an RIA measuring intact immunoreactive parathyroid hormone (intact iPTH; normal values, 15 to 65 pg/mL). The initial degree of hyperparathyroidism was comparable in the two groups. An excellent short-term control of hyperparathyroidism was achieved in the great majority (95%) of patients with either surgical procedure. However, long-term normalization of parathyroid gland activity was achieved in only one third of patients whereas 33% had elevated intact iPTH levels (> 130 pg/mL; i.e., higher than twice the upper range of normal) and 32% had low intact iPTH levels (< 15 pg/mL), consistent with permanent hypoparathyroidism. No difference was found in the immediate failure rates: 0 of 28 cases after total PTX+IA compared with 2 of 21 cases after subtotal PTX. Similarly, long-term intact iPTH levels were comparable: 400 +/- 105 versus 212 +/- 82 pg/mL (mean +/- SE; P = not significant). Interestingly, long-term serum intact iPTH levels were higher in patients with nodular ( N = 18) than with diffusely ( N = 26) hyperplastic glands: 556 +/- 146 versus 126 +/- 52 pg/mL (P < 0.001) and recurrence of hyperparathyroidism was more frequent with nodular hyperplasia (11 of 18) than with diffuse hyperplasia (4 of 26) (P < 0.02). In conclusion, although excellent short-term results were obtained with both procedures, satisfactory long-term control of parathyroid gland function was achieved in only one third of the patients, the other two third remaining either hypoparathyroid or developing recurrent hyperparathyroidism. Last, the histological subtype of parathyroid glands was partially predictive of the recurrence of hyperparathyroidism.[1]


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