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Reference Values

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Psychiatry related information on Reference Values

  • In logistic regression analyses, participants with depressive symptoms were more likely than those without depressive symptoms to have norepinephrine excretion levels in the highest quartile and above the normal range [6].
  • CO2 reactivity was in the normal range (4.4 +/- 1.2%) in the waking state and was markedly increased during sleep stages 1 and 2 (p less than 0.005 compared with awake) [7].
  • Although baseline AM and PM salivary cortisol levels were within reference range and did not differ significantly across groups, depression + PTSD patients differed from the other 2 groups in having a flattened diurnal pattern [8].
  • With placebo, scores in all 8 domains remained below normal values after 12 weeks, while patients receiving long-acting risperidone showed improvement in HRQoL toward normal levels, with clinically meaningful improvements in all mental-health domains [9].
  • In control subjects and patients with bilirubin less than 5 mg%, T-1/2 excretion values at 30, 40, and 50 min were similar to those values calculated using the entire 60 min of data, suggesting that the hepatic phase study time could be reduced to 30-40 min and still use the normal reference values established for 60 min [10].

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Gene context of Reference Values

  • Interestingly, the British and Turkish patients had complex III deficiency, whereas in the Finnish patients with GRACILE syndrome complex III activity was within the normal range, implying that BCS1L has another cellular function that is uncharacterized but essential and is putatively involved in iron metabolism [35].
  • In addition, serum MGF levels in these patients were within the normal range and MGF could not be detected in cell-free culture supernatants [36].
  • During a 1 year follow-up, blood cell parameters of Fancg KO mice remained within normal values, revealing no signs of anemia [37].
  • BS pool size and fecal BS excretion remained within the normal range in mice with Cav-1 overexpression [38].
  • These data show that genetic variants at the POMC locus influence body fat distribution within the normal range, suggesting a novel role for POMC in metabolic regulation [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Reference Values


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