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Genetic mapping of the absence of third molars in EL mice to chromosome 3.

We noted the absence of all 4 third molars (M3) in Epilepsy-Like disorder (EL) mice, an animal model for the study of epilepsy. This study was conducted to identify the major candidate chromosome and to detect the region that included the candidate gene causing the absence of M3 in EL mice. Linkage analysis was performed on genetic crosses of EL mice and MSM (Mus musculus molossinus) strain mice, which had a normal complement of teeth. Genome-wide screening by individual genotyping of F(2) intercross mice identified mouse chromosome 3 as one of the candidate chromosomes. Based on high linkage scores in detailed genotyping of F(2) intercross and N(2) backcross mice, the candidate locus for the absence of M3 in EL mice was mapped on the middle of chromosome 3.[1]


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