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Neurophysiological alterations following fluvalinate administration in mice.

Median lethal dose (LD50) of fluvalinate (Marvik 25EC) was 105 (94.6-116.5 mg/kg, ip) in albino mice. Gross observable signs were dose dependent and indicative of central and peripheral nervous system stimulation. Fluvalinate, at 10.5 and 21.0 mg/kg, ip doses in mice, facilitated maximal electroshock seizures, reduced reaction time in analgesic test and enhanced duration of ether anaesthesia. Acute and subacute (7 days) treatment at lower and higher doses enhanced pentobarbitone sleeping time. Acute and subacute treatment (7 days) with phenobarbitone (50 mg/kg, ip) prior to fluvalinate enhanced toxicity of fluvalinate.[1]


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