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Whole-cell recordings and photolysis of caged compounds in olfactory sensory neurons isolated from the mouse.

Gene manipulation and molecular biological techniques for the study of olfaction are well developed in mice, while electrophysiological properties of mouse olfactory sensory neurons have been less extensively investigated. We used the whole-cell voltage-clamp technique in mouse isolated olfactory sensory neurons to investigate both voltage-gated and transduction currents. Voltage-gated currents were composed of transient inward currents followed by outward currents with transient and sustained components. Of the tested olfactory sensory neurons, 12% responded to the odorant cineole with an inward current. Caged compounds were introduced into the cytoplasm through the patch pipette and flash photolysis of caged cyclic nucleotides activated an inward current in 94% of the cells. When the flash was localized at the cilia, the response latency, rising time and duration were shorter than when the flash illuminated the soma. The amplitude of the photolysis response was dependent on light intensity and the relation was fitted by the Hill equation, with a Hill coefficient of 3. 2. These results demonstrate that it is possible to obtain recordings in the whole-cell configuration from olfactory sensory neurons isolated from the mouse and that voltage-gated currents and transduction properties are largely similar to those of amphibians.[1]


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