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Radiologic localization of the laryngeal mask airway in children.

In the absence of data on the anatomic localization of the cuff of the laryngeal mask airway (LMA) in children, radiologic images were obtained from 50 infants and children (aged 1 month to 15 yr) undergoing diagnostic radiologic procedures during halothane and N2O:O2 anesthesia. In 46 patients, the cuff of the LMA was in the pharynx and covered the laryngeal opening. The upper (proximal) section was adjacent to the base of the tongue at the level of C1 or C2 vertebrae pushing the tongue forward and its lower (distal) end was in the inferior recesses of the hypopharynx at the levels of C4 to T1 vertebrae. The cuff of LMA at this position between the base of the tongue above the epiglottis and below the laryngeal opening, covered the laryngeal aperture, forming a low pressure seal at the entrance of the larynx. In 37 of these 46 patients, a posterior deflection of the epiglottis was noted (< 45 degrees), and in only 9, the epiglottis was in the anatomic position. In four patients, the cuff of the LMA was located in the oropharynx. No correlation was found between the size of the LMA and the position of the epiglottis with respect to end-tidal CO2, respiratory rate, or the leak pressures. The size of the LMA, its anatomic location, and the position of the epiglottis had no significant effect on the respiratory parameters of spontaneously breathing children.[1]


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