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Intestinal intussusception associated with adenovirus infection in Mexican children.

Formalin-fixed intestinal tissue specimens from 12 Mexican pediatric patients with intussusception were examined for the presence of adenovirus. Four patients (33%) had detectable adenovirus antigen in epithelial cells as determined by using immunohistochemical analysis. Two of the patients with positive immunohistochemical results had antigens in dendritic and mononuclear inflammatory cells, and 3 patients had positive results for species C adenovirus by in situ hybridization using adenovirus species-specific probes (A-F). A real-time polymerase chain reaction assay specific for species C (nonenteric) adenoviruses was used to confirm immunohistochemical results and to amplify adenovirus DNA for sequencing. A sequence similar to that for adenovirus serotype 1 was found in 1 patient, serotype 2 in another, and serotype 6 in a third; in the fourth patient, the sequence was indeterminate between serotypes 2 and 6. The assays used in this study proved useful for the identification of species C adenoviruses in formalin-fixed specimens from Mexican pediatric patients with intussusception.[1]


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