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Pharmacogenetic rescue in time and space of the rutabaga memory impairment by using Gene-Switch.

The GAL4-based Gene-Switch system has been engineered to regulate transgene expression in Drosophila in both time and space. We constructed a Gene-Switch transgene in which Gene-Switch expression is restricted spatially by a defined mushroom body enhancer. This system allows Gene-Switch to be active only in the mushroom bodies and only on administration of the pharmacological Gene-Switch ligand RU486. This line was used to drive the expression of a rutabaga cDNA in otherwise rutabaga mutant flies. Induction of the rutabaga cDNA in the mushroom bodies only during adulthood, or during adulthood along with the larval and pupal developmental stages, corrects the olfactory memory impairment found in rutabaga mutants. Induction of the cDNA only during the larval and pupal stages was inconsequential to performance in olfactory memory tasks. These data indicate that normal rutabaga function must be expressed in adulthood for normal memory and conclusively delimit the time and space expression requirements for correcting the rutabaga memory impairment. Such combined pharmacogenetic regulation of transgene expression now allows this time and space dissection to be made for other behavioral mutants.[1]


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