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Genes, Switch

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Disease relevance of Genes, Switch


High impact information on Genes, Switch

  • For Drosophila, the choice between male and female development is made by the switch gene, Sxl, in response to the X:A ratio [5].
  • Epistasis analysis is most consistent with a model in which mab-3 is controlled by tra-1, the last switch gene known to act in the somatic sex determination pathway [6].
  • This suggests that the human fetal-to-adult globin gene switch is controlled through a mutually exclusive interaction between LAR and either the gamma- or beta-globin gene, resulting in the expression of only one gene at any given moment [7].
  • The SK3 gene was targeted by homologous recombination for the insertion of a gene switch that permitted experimental regulation of SK3 expression while retaining normal SK3 promoter function [8].
  • Specific genes termed X-signal elements, which are present on the X chromosome, act in a concerted dose-dependent fashion to regulate levels of the developmental switch gene xol-1 [9].

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Gene context of Genes, Switch

  • The transcription factor Foxp3 is a master switch gene that controls the development and function of natural and adaptive CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T (T(R)) cells [24].
  • During sex determination, the sisterlessA (sisA) gene functions as one of four X:A numerator elements that set the alternative male or female regulatory states of the switch gene Sex-lethal [25].
  • Summary: The her-1 regulatory switch gene in C. elegans sex determination is normally active in XO animals, resulting in male development, and inactive in XX animals, allowing hermaphrodite development [26].
  • Sex-specific regulation of Md-dsx is controlled by the switch gene F via a splicing mechanism that is similar but in some relevant aspects different from that in Drosophila [27].
  • Cyclosporin A inhibits early mRNA expression of G0/G1 switch gene 2 (G0S2) in cultured human blood mononuclear cells [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Genes, Switch

  • Using semiquantitative PCR, the differential expression of eight genes was confirmed that included Elk3, an important angiogenic switch gene which was upregulated in the absence of Tie2 signaling [29].


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