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Morphological and biochemical changes of neurofilaments in aged rat sciatic nerve axons.

We have made a detailed comparison of neurofilaments (NFs) in the axons of the sciatic nerves between young and aged rats. In young rats, NF density was similar between proximal and distal sciatic nerve, but it became higher in the proximal region of sciatic nerve of aged rats. In accordance with this morphological change, NF protein content decreased dramatically in the middle region of the sciatic nerves of aged rats. The ratio of NF-M to NF-H in aged rats was lower than that in young rats at the proximal region of sciatic nerves and further decreased in the distal region of sciatic nerve. We analyzed transcription and axonal transport of NF proteins in motor neurons in spinal cord which are the major constituents of sciatic nerve axons. Of the transcripts of the NF subunits, NF-M mRNA was particularly reduced in aged rats. Examination of slow axonal transport revealed that the transport rate for NF-M was slightly faster than that for NF-H in young rats, but slightly slower in aged rats. A decrease in both the synthesis and transport rate of NF-M with aging may contribute to the relative reduction in NF-M in the aged rat sciatic nerve. Although the relationship between NF packing and reduced NF-M is not clear at present, these changes in NFs may be associated with age-dependent axonal degeneration diseases.[1]


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