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Gene Review

Nefh  -  neurofilament, heavy polypeptide

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: 200 kDa neurofilament protein, NF-H, Neurofilament heavy polypeptide, Neurofilament triplet H protein, Nfh
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Disease relevance of Nefh


Psychiatry related information on Nefh

  • Postnatal developmental profiles of filamentous actin and of 200 kDa neurofilament polypeptide in the visual cortex of light- and dark-reared rats and their relationship to critical period plasticity [6].
  • Previous studies from our laboratory suggest that Alzheimer's disease sera contain a repertoire of antibodies to the heavy neurofilament subunit (NF-H) and that a subpopulation of these antibodies bind specifically to epitopes highly enriched in NF-H isolated from the purely cholinergic electromotor neurons of Torpedo [7].
  • The results indicate that morphine addiction is associated with an aberrant hyperphophorylation of NF-H in the rat brain [8].
  • Production of such Abs in EAD rats by prolonged immunization with Torpedo cholinergic NF-H results in the accumulation of IgG in the septum and hippocampus of the immunized rats and in memory deficits [9].

High impact information on Nefh


Biological context of Nefh


Anatomical context of Nefh


Associations of Nefh with chemical compounds

  • This suggests that glutamate causes increased NF-H phosphorylation at least in part by activation of stress activated protein kinases [23].
  • Phosphorylation of NF-H by the cdc2-like activity was not affected by 3 microM olomoucine but was inhibited by 10 microM of this kinase inhibitor [24].
  • In the control nerve, 15-25% of high-molecular-mass NF subunit (NF-H) was recovered in the 1% Triton-soluble fraction when fractionated in the presence of phosphatase inhibitors [25].
  • In this study, neurofilament (NF) proteins were examined following intraperitoneal injection of kainic acid, and special reference was given to temporal changes in quantity and quality of the NF light (NF-L) and heavy (NF-H) subunits [22].
  • No alterations of the light subunit of neurofilament proteins occurred, suggesting that KA has a preferential effect on NF-H phosphorylation [26].

Enzymatic interactions of Nefh

  • We conclude that cdk-5 and GSK-3 phosphorylate different residues or sets of residues within NF-H sidearm in cells [27].

Regulatory relationships of Nefh


Other interactions of Nefh


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nefh


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