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The Tim8-Tim13 complex of Neurospora crassa functions in the assembly of proteins into both mitochondrial membranes.

The Tim8 and Tim13 proteins in yeast are known to exist in the mitochondrial intermembrane space and to form a hetero-oligomeric complex involved in the import of the mitochondrial inner membrane protein Tim23, the central component of the TIM23 translocase. Here, we have isolated tim8 and tim13 mutants in Neurospora crassa and have shown that mitochondria lacking the Tim8-Tim13 complex were deficient in the import of the outer membrane beta-barrel proteins Tom40 and porin. Cross-linking studies showed that the Tom40 precursor contacts the Tim8-Tim13 complex. The complex is involved at an early point in the Tom40 assembly pathway because cross-links can only be detected during the initial stages of Tom40 import. In mitochondria lacking the Tim8-Tim13 complex, the Tom40 precursor appears in a previously characterized early intermediate of Tom40 assembly more slowly than in wild type mitochondria. Thus, our data suggest a model in which one of the first steps in Tom40 assembly may be interaction with the Tim8-Tim13 complex. As in yeast, the N. crassa Tim23 precursor was imported inefficiently into mitochondria lacking the Tim8-Tim13 complex when the membrane potential was reduced. Tim23 import intermediates could also be cross-linked to the complex, suggesting a dual role for the Tim8-Tim13 intermembrane space complex in the import of proteins found in both the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes.[1]


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