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Molecular analysis of the aroA gene of Pasteurella multocida and vaccine potential of a constructed aroA mutant.

The aroA gene from Pasteurella multocida was cloned by complementation of the Escherichia coli aroA mutant AB2829 with a DNA library constructed in pUC18. The nucleotide sequence of the P. multocida aroA gene indicated an open reading frame encoding a protein of 441 amino acids, which showed a high degree of homology with the amino acid sequences of various other bacterial AroA proteins. The cloned P. multocida aroA gene was inactivated by insertion of a kanamycin-resistance gene and reintroduced by allelic exchange into the chromosome of P. multocida using the suicide vector pJM703. 1. The P. multocida aroA mutant was highly attenuated in a mouse model. Mice immunized intraperitoneally with two doses of live P. multocida aroA mutant were completely protected against a lethal parental strain challenge.[1]


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