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Estrogen- and progesterone-dependent secretory changes in the uterus of the sheep.

This study was undertaken to determine the effects of 17 beta-estradiol ( E) and progesterone (P) on polypeptide synthesis and release from the uterus of the sheep. Uterine flushings (UF) and endometrium were obtained from ovariectomized untreated animals, ovariectomized animals treated with E (approximately 5-10 pg/ml) for 6 days (6E) and ovariectomized animals primed with E for 6 days then treated with P (approximately 1.5-3 ng/ml), in the continued presence of E, for an additional 6 days (6EP). Endometrium was cultured (24 h) in the presence of 3H-leucine (3H-leu) or 3H-glucosamine (3H-glcN), and newly synthesized and released proteins were detected in culture media by fluorography of 10% SDS gels. The quantity of proteins in UF and radiolabeled proteins in explant culture media did not change between treatment groups (p < 0.05). Qualitative changes in the synthesis and release of proteins were observed depending on the steroid treatment. An M(r) 57,000 protein was present in UF and 3H-leu-labeled culture media obtained from animals treated only with E and an M(r) > 200,000 was present in 3H-leu-labeled culture media of endometrium obtained from 6E and 6EP animals. An M(r) 44,000 protein was present only in UF from 6EP animals but could not be detected in endometrial culture media from animals undergoing this steroid treatment. These data show that the endometrium of the ovariectomized sheep undergoes alterations in secretory protein patterns which depend on the presence of E and P.[1]


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