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Localization of ras proto-oncogene expression during development in Xenopus laevis.

The expression of the ras protooncogene was investigated in Xenopus laevis, throughout development, by in situ hybridization using a 35S-labelled antisense RNA probe. During oogenesis, the ras RNA was strongly expressed in the cytoplasm of previtellogenic oocytes and further diluted between yolk platelets; no specific localization of transcripts was observed. The signal density was particularly weak over embryo sections until the tailbud stage. On the other hand, a high level of ras RNA expression was detected on sections through the young tadpoles. An intense labelling was observed in several areas, including the branchial apparatus, gut, somites, nervous system, and lens. It is noteworthy that the heterogeneity of labelling increases as tadpoles grow older. Together, these results are discussed in relation to cellular events appearing throughout the early development.[1]


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