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Disease relevance of Oogenesis


Psychiatry related information on Oogenesis

  • The risk of expansion during oogenesis to the full mutation associated with mental retardation increases with the number of repeats, and this variation in risk accounts for the Sherman paradox [4].
  • The finding that SP can elicit equally all changes observed after copulation suggests that in the sexually mature female it is the major component controlling and stimulating oogenesis after mating [5].

High impact information on Oogenesis

  • To elucidate the role of the meiosis-specific cohesin SMC1beta (encoded by Smc1l2) in oogenesis, we carried out meiotic studies of female SMC1beta-deficient mice [6].
  • Ovarian development and oogenesis through the early stages of fertilization are evidently unimpaired, but most embryos from Zar1(-/-) females arrest at the one-cell stage [7].
  • D-cbl, a negative regulator of the Egfr pathway, is required for dorsoventral patterning in Drosophila oogenesis [8].
  • VegT is a T-box transcription factor whose mRNA is synthesized during oogenesis and localized in the vegetal hemisphere of the egg and early embryo [9].
  • To avoid inappropriate activation of nos, osk activity must appear only at the posterior pole of the oocyte, where the osk mRNA becomes localized during oogenesis [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Oogenesis


Biological context of Oogenesis


Anatomical context of Oogenesis


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Gene context of Oogenesis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Oogenesis


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