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The proprotein convertase furin colocalizes with caveolin-1 in the Golgi apparatus and endosomes of hepatocytes.

The significance of furin in the maturation and activation of a wide array of proproteins in the secretory pathway has been well demonstrated. However, despite efforts made to characterize the subcellular locations where furin activates its substrates, doubts on the proprotein-processing compartments still persist. Using in vivo gene delivery, together with high-resolution immunogold electron microscopy, we were able to assign precise subcellular locations to furin. In rat hepatocyte, the enzyme was found concentrated in the Golgi apparatus, along the basolateral (sinusoidal) plasma membrane and in underlying endosomes. An asymmetry was detected in respect to amounts of furin between the basolateral domain and the apical (canalicular) one, favoring the former. The asymmetric recycling of furin through the basolateral domain may be of high importance for the polarized secretion of processed bioactive compounds. Double immunogold labelings indicate that furin colocalizes with the caveolae/raft-marker caveolin-1 in the Golgi apparatus and in the basolateral endosomes. Furthermore, co-immunoprecipitation experiments show the possible interaction of caveolin-1 and furin. Our results suggest that, in addition to the Golgi, furin-/caveolin-1-containing endosomes could represent a compartment where furin processes its substrates at the basolateral domain of the hepatocyte.[1]


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