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Vanadium(V) reduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 requires menaquinone and cytochromes from the cytoplasmic and outer membranes.

The metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 displays remarkable anaerobic respiratory plasticity, which is reflected in the extensive number of electron transport components encoded in its genome. In these studies, several cell components required for the reduction of vanadium(V) were determined. V(V) reduction is mediated by an electron transport chain which includes cytoplasmic membrane components (menaquinone and the tetraheme cytochrome CymA) and the outer membrane (OM) cytochrome OmcB. A partial role for the OM cytochrome OmcA was evident. Electron spin resonance spectroscopy demonstrated that V(V) was reduced to V(IV). V(V) reduction did not support anaerobic growth. This is the first report delineating specific electron transport components that are required for V(V) reduction and of a role for OM cytochromes in the reduction of a soluble metal species.[1]


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