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The influence of buffer composition on tissue integrity during permeability experiments "in vitro".

A well-balanced incubation saline is necessary for permeability experiments with the rat jejunal tissue in the diffusion chambers. At the same time the investigated substance must be chemically stable and sufficiently soluble in this incubation saline. To investigate whether the absence of some ions in incubation salines influences the tissue viability and integrity or the diffusional characteristics of the epithelial membrane the electrical parameters were monitored and the permeability of fluorescein and acyclovir was evaluated during the experiments in side-by-side diffusion chambers. Our results show that the tissue integrity and viability are seriously impaired when Ca(2+) and Mg(2+)-free conditions are applied on both sides of the diffusion chambers, but not when only mucosal or only serosal side is Ca(2+) and Mg(2+)-free. Bicarbonate-free incubation salines can also alter the measured apparent permeability coefficients even though the tissue viability and integrity do not change. This change in the apparent permeability is most likely due to a change in the pH of the mucosal surface and can be prevented if the buffer capacity of the incubation saline is increased.[1]


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