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Tissue Survival

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Gene context of Tissue Survival

  • The increased tissue survival associated with the capacity for iNOS expression may be related to iNOS-dependent enhancement of VEGF levels and an ensuing angiogenic response [30].
  • Thyroid tissue viability was maintained or increased by antigen-specific Th0 clones, and decreased by Th1 clones reactive to TSH-R or TPO [31].
  • The results of the present study suggest that higher concentrations of CGRP-LI are related to tissue survival and that endogenous CGRP has a regulatory effect in ischaemia [32].
  • Depolarizing concentrations of potassium (40 mM) added to medium after incubation in the presence or absence of glucose produced similar 4-fold biphasic stimulation of SRIF release, suggesting that tissue viability was unimpaired by short term glucopenia [33].
  • The perfusion of severed limbs and digits and free vascularized tissue transfers with superoxide dismutase and catalase after a period of ischemia has already occurred may prolong the ischemic "time window" tolerated for successful tissue survival [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tissue Survival


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