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Clinical evaluation of ferric oxalate in relieving dentine hypersensitivity.

Previous in vitro permeability and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the oxalate ion in dentine permeability reduction and effective tubule occlusion. The aim of this randomized double-blind, split mouth 4-week clinical study, therefore was to determine whether a 1-min application of ferric oxalate (Sensodyne Sealant) on exposed root dentine was effective in reducing dentine hypersensitivity (DH). Thirteen subjects [8F:5M, mean age 46.2 (s.d. 4.15) years] completed the study. The subjective response was evaluated by tactile, thermal and evaporative methods of assessment. Data were collected at baseline and post-application at +5 min and 4 weeks. Analysis was based on paired t-test (P=0.05) and Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney tests. No statistically significant differences were noted between ferric oxalate and placebo preparations at +5 min and 4 weeks for any of the test stimuli. There was, however, a clear trend towards immediate reduction (+5 min) in DH reverting back to baseline values at 4 weeks with the exception of the Biomat Thermal Probe mean values, which maintained the reductions in DH compared with placebo. The results of the present study demonstrated that a 1-min application of ferric oxalate is both rapid and effective in reducing DH although its long-term effectiveness still needs to be determined.[1]


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