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Chemical Compound Review

Vicknite     potassium nitrate

Synonyms: Saltpeter, saltpetre, Nitre, Kaliumnitrat, Collo-Bo, ...
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Disease relevance of potassium nitrate


High impact information on potassium nitrate

  • Localization of the antibody in the lamina rara interna, lamina densa, lamina rara externa and the glomerular epithelial cell was determined by electron microscopic autoradiography according to the method of Saltpeter, Fertuck, and Saltpeter (Saltpeter MM, Fertuck MC, Saltpeter EE: J Cell Biol 72:161, 1977) [5].
  • Specimens were randomly divided into five groups (n=10): G1-no brushing; G2-brushing without dentifrice; G3-brushing with Sensodyne; G4-brushing with Emoform; G5-brushing with Sorriso [6].
  • OBJECTIVES: The objective of this study was to evaluate the tubule occluding ability of three commercial available dentifrices (Sensodyne, Emoform and Sorriso) by Scanning Electron Microscopy. METHODS: Fifty cervical areas from buccal and lingual surfaces of sound third human molars were used [6].
  • Two new dentifrices, Protect and Protect with fluoride were compared clinically with Sensodyne to determine the relative ability of these three products to relieve both thermal and tactile sensitivity in sensitive dentin [7].
  • The bleaching and the placebo agents were applied to human enamel dental fragments for 8 hours per day, followed by immersion for 5 minutes in a slurry solution of desensitizing dentifrices: Sensodyne (S) or Sensodyne Fluor (SF) [8].

Associations of potassium nitrate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of potassium nitrate

  • Desensitizing efficacy of Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength and Fresh Mint Sensodyne dentifrices [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of potassium nitrate

  • The NESR test, which has previously been shown to give better clinical correlation than the PCR, demonstrated that the new formulation gave superior stain removal performance compared with both Sensodyne MultiCare and a conventional nonsensitivity formulation, and similar stain removal performance to Elmex Sensitive [14].
  • Specimens were examined using stereomicroscopy to show the surface topography of the dentine substrate before and after treatment with Nd:YAG laser or sensodyne [3].
  • Toothbrushing increased tubular occlusion in all cases except the Sensodyne Dentin Desensitizer treated samples [15].


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