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Cervical cancer screening among Latinas recently immigrated to the United States.

BACKGROUND: Little is known about the cancer screening practices of women whose behavior may place them at a high risk for cervical cancer. We explored factors that influence repeated Pap smear screening among recently immigrated Latinas working in bars also called cantinas. METHODS: Face-to-face interview were administered to 360 women working in 60 cantinas. Participants provided information about their cancer screening practices including the number of Pap smears completed in the 5 years before the interview. A theory-based model proposing that demographic characteristics, cancer screening barriers and facilitators, and psychosocial factors influence repeated Pap smear screening was tested with a hierarchical linear regression. RESULTS: Facilitators of cancer screening (recent visit to a physician and receiving a Pap smear in a clinic) and psychosocial variables (Pap smear beliefs, cancer screening intentions and lack of encouragement) were significantly associated with the total number reported Pap smears (adjusted R2 = 0.31, P < 0.0001). Cervical cancer risk behaviors were not significantly associated with repeated screening. CONCLUSIONS: While risk behaviors did not act as barriers, access to health care measures facilitated repeated Pap smear screening. Psychosocial factors hypothesized to function as antecedents of Pap smear screening appear instead to follow from repeated experience with the examination.[1]


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