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Alveolar soft part sarcoma on the glabella.

OBJECTIVE: To present a paediatric case of alveolar soft part sarcoma on the glabella. CASE: A 10-year-old female patient with a slowly growing painful and pruritic mass between her brows. During surgical excision of the mass, it was seen that the mass was firmly adherent to the periosteum. Extended surgical removal with the underlying periosteum was carried out. The pathological result was alveolar soft part sarcoma which was immunohistochemically positive for vimentin and showed focal desmin positivity. The patient had no evidence of distant metastases on screening. CONCLUSION: Total surgical excision of the tumour in due time before metastases should be the mainstay of treatment. A high index of suspicion, both during diagnosis and surgery, should be maintained by the clinician.[1]


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