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An Arabidopsis dynamin-related protein, DRP3A, controls both peroxisomal and mitochondrial division.

Peroxisomes undergo dramatic changes in size, shape, number, and position within the cell, but the division process of peroxisomes has not been characterized. We screened a number of Arabidopsis mutants with aberrant peroxisome morphology (apm mutants). In one of these mutants, apm1, the peroxisomes are long and reduced in number, apparently as a result of inhibition of division. We showed that APM1 encodes dynamin-related protein 3A (DRP3A), and that mutations in APM1/DRP3A also caused aberrant morphology of mitochondria. The transient expression analysis showed that DRP3A is associated with the cytosolic side of peroxisomes. These findings indicate that the same dynamin molecule is involved in peroxisomal and mitochondrial division in higher plants. We also report that the growth of Arabidopsis, which requires the cooperation of various organelles, including peroxisomes and mitochondria, is repressed in apm1, indicating that the changes of morphology of peroxisomes and mitochondria reduce the efficiency of metabolism in these organelles.[1]


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